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It’s a premium Irish whiskey that’s a select blend of Irish malt and grain whiskeys. That’s exceptional. But what makes Outwalker unique is that it is aged four ways: in white burgundy casks, in virgin oak and rye barrels and in ex-oloroso sherry casks.

Black and white shot of the Outwalker Whiskey team against a brick wall.

The Outwalker team is co-founded by Adrian McLaughlin, Darren Cave, Sean Muldoon and Jillian Vose, who also created Outwalker’s unique blend.

Three key things make Outwalker truly different:

the blend of impeccably chosen Irish malt and grain whiskies

its unique four-part cask ageing process

the passion, experience, and expertise of the team behind the whisky

Outwalker has been created to be enjoyed however you like – neat, on the rocks, with a little water, but especially in Irish whiskey cocktails.

You’ll find some suggestions here.


The image is a Dullahan – a nod to Ireland’s mythical past. Often portrayed as headless or carrying his head before him, he is a wanderer between worlds. Unlike the Dullahan of legend, however, ours does not gather souls but stories to tell and good times to share – over a fine Irish whiskey, of course.

© OUTWALKER 2024. All Rights Reserved. Company Reg No NI683441. VAT Reg No 425632015

© OUTWALKER 2023. All Rights Reserved. Company Reg No NI683441. VAT Reg No 425632015

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