A bold new name has arrived in the premium Irish whiskey sector. Outwalker – a unique blend of single malt and fine grain whiskeys aged in white burgundy casks, in ex-oloroso sherry casks, virgin American oak, and grain rye casks – was developed by Irish whiskey authority Jillian Vose.

And the vision behind Outwalker is equally impressive. It combines Jillian’s expertise with that of Sean Muldoon, co-founder of New York’s famous Dead Rabbit and now co-owner with Jillian of Hazel & Apple in Charleston, South Carolina; local hotelier and entrepreneur Adrian McLaughlin; and hospitality business expert, ex-international rugby player Darren Cave.

Irish whiskey is now increasingly enjoyed across generations – particularly among women and younger drinkers – boosted by the soaring popularity of craft cocktails with whiskey as a prime ingredient.

As Sean Muldoon explained: “Outwalker was born of a need for a genuinely unique blend of component whiskeys – something good enough to sip on its own but that also works spectacularly well in a cocktail.”

On the nose, Outwalker has aromas of butterscotch, apricot and cinnamon. The taste has classic Irish whiskey maltiness and spice but with a toffee sweetness and notes of mango and hints of pineapple. The finish is long, with a chocolatey richness and a lingering hint of spice.

Co-founder Adrian McLaughlin said: “Joining forces with Sean, Jillian and Darren, we know we have created something really special for cocktail fans and whiskey connoisseurs alike.”

Fellow co-founder Darren Cave added: “We call Outwalker the restless spirit because it is by nature for the adventurous at heart – people who are open to something new. That’s why we’re confident that Outwalker is more than another Irish whiskey. It’s a game-changer.”

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Two women enjoying conversation whilst one holds a double Outwalker Whiskey and ice.
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The Outwalker Whiskey team looking at the camera and all holding a different cocktail.
A long shot of an Outwalker Whiskey bottle.

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