Everyone expects things to be a bit quiet for the first month or two of the year, don’t they? Well, that’s the theory. However, it turns out that nobody here at Outwalker got that memo. Between new distribution agreements, workshops, tastings, bartender events, it’s been non-stop, full steam ahead.
For example, we’re delighted to have recently agreed a new distribution arrangement with Musgrave/Drinks Inc – which greatly improves the availability of our whiskey throughout Northern Ireland.

On the hospitality side, we’ve hosted several events with bartenders and whiskey writers in which Sean Muldoon and Jillian Vose discussed the genesis of Outwalker ­both as a whiskey and, equally importantly, as a brand – which encompassed everything from our name to the label and the bottle shape.
Darren Cave hosted a Q&A hosted by at the Cocktail Factory in Dublin for prominent whiskey and cocktail experts, which was followed by a takeover at the multi-award-winning Bar 1661

Outwalker was also featured at Three Drams, which lets members and enthusiasts around the world sample our whiskey and find out more about it – for example, how Jillian created the blend from scratch and Outwalker’s unique four-way approach to casking.


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Two women enjoying conversation whilst one holds a double Outwalker Whiskey and ice.
A blurry but artistic angle of a redheaded woman flipping her long hair.
The Outwalker Whiskey team looking at the camera and all holding a different cocktail.
A long shot of an Outwalker Whiskey bottle.

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© OUTWALKER 2023. All Rights Reserved. Company Reg No NI683441. VAT Reg No 425632015

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